Over 100 Beers On Tap - Welcome To Canada's Largest Selection of Draft Beer


Where Everything's On Tap!

Featuring Canada's largest selection of draft beer the stunning central island bar has 140 tap lines housed in 2 towers. The steel draft lines rise up from the towers to adorn the ceiling and cascade down into our glass-enclosed keg room. The beer lines maintain a constant temperature and correct carbonation keeping your beer consistently fresh for the perfectly chilled pint every time. You can sip your favourite beer from the traditional glass or six pack sampler. We're a draft house so we don't carry any bottles at CRAFT Beer Market; Everything's on Tap!

Some quick facts about our draft system created by BBS Systems:

  • Our custom built keg room can house 450 kegs. That's as much as 26,000 litres or 6900 gallons of beer!
  • The beer conduit is 439m/1,440ft long. The Shangri La Hotel downtown is 201m/659ft tall (Vancouver's tallest building)
  • Over 4 kilometers or 10,120ft of individual beer lines are within the system
  • There's 3500 BTU's of cooling for the beer lines
  • Approximately 150 litres or 5060 ounces of beer in the beer lines chilled at the perfect temperature 2-4 degrees
  • Our draft system is designed so that the temperature of the beer is exactly the same in the keg room as it is when we pour it from our taps.
  • Our in house certified draft beer technician cleans each line every 2 weeks to ensure the freshest beer possible
  • The beer system shipped on 12 skids and weighed 2139 kg/4715lbs